The use of the site terms and conditions

 1. Used in basic terms

 1.1 Terms - the use of the site rules and conditions.
1.2 Website - Internet site
1.3 Material - defined as any text, photo, picture, drawing, logo and animation programs and other graphic elements, and intellectual creativity in your site.
1.4 User - natural or legal person using the site for services.
1.5 The author - a user who is a natural or legal person have a Web site and containing it has developed materials.
1.6 Co-consumer, who is a natural or legal person have a Web site to which the material to the final establishment of Indigital.
1.7 Visual Tour - this site and a review of published works in the direct user and server communications interface for any Web browser in any way without saving Web site are published material or material of individual parts that could be of any use.
1.8 Publishing - author of the material hosting the website and the public placement of its users.
1.9 Indigital - team.

2. Conditions of the course.

2.1 Conditions governed user and Indigital relations arising through the site.

3. General provisions.

3.1 The Website is owned and managed Indigital.
3.2 Each user before taking surf the site and use their services must meet the following conditions.
3.3 Further web surfing is considered the agreement to the terms.
3.4 Any disputes come between you and Indigital resolved by mutual agreement.
3.5 Failure to reach agreement disputes resolved in court under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

4. Copyright.

4.1 By downloading or copying any material from the site, the user does not obtain any copyright in any of the downloaded or copied material.
4.2 You may not, under any circumstances, for any reason distribute, transmit, sell, reproduce or otherwise use any material published in the website other than the established conditions.
4.3 The site placing material copyrighted works is the author of the property, where the author, and Indigital outside the credit agreement.
4.4 Site design, the placement of text and visual material Copyright Indigital and is protected by the Republic of Lithuania operating in the copyright and intellectual property laws.

5. The author's rights and obligations.

5.1 Containment site contains material must meet the quality requirements.
5.2 Prior to hosting and publishing materials Site, the author must accept the credit agreement.
5.3 placing material author must provide all relevant information and fully with its placing material that is required to provide a site along with the author of the substance.
5.4 By publishing Web site can provide quality in accordance with the requirements, but INCOMPLETE material for final completion. Tokiu atveju autorius tampa bendraautoriumi su InDigital ir toliau turi laikytis autorystės sutartyje numatytų sąlygų. In this case the author becomes a collaborator with Indigital must continue to comply with the credit covenants.
5.5 The transfer of containment material:
5.5.1 which provokes ethnic, racial, religious, social or gender hatred, or inequality,
5.5.2 which is distributed, promoted or advertised pornography, sexual services, sexual deformity and drug or psychotropic substance,
5.5.3 the insinuation, abusive man, degrading the honor and dignity,
5.5.4 to violate any copyright, trademark or patent, harm to persons or property or otherwise impede any person and / or breach of any of the Republic of Lithuania laws and international agreements or violate other laws,
5.5.5 which is contaminated by a virus or is otherwise likely to damage the site and / or other web security and the smooth operation of the
5.5.6 that explicitly or surreptitious There requests or advertising of illegal activities or offer encouragement,
5.5.7 which published the private information about any person, such as telephone numbers, addresses, personal codes, or any other private information,
5.5.8 which depict people that can be clearly identified, except when the written consent of the human image. Tokiu atveju sutikimas turi būti pridedamas prie publikavimui teikiamos medžiagos. In this case, the consent must be attached to publishing the material provided.

6. Consumer's rights and obligations.

6.1 You can use this site to the services provided and the opportunities of the page, if you agree to all the conditions described here.
6.2 You may not use any Web site with the services provided, except for visual review, if you do not agree with at least one of the following conditions.
6.3 Is observed illegal information (listed in paragraph number. 5), immediately inform Indigital.
6.4 You can register for the website to complete a special application form.
6.5 Fit the material meets the quality requirements.
6.6 User must change, delete or destroy all materials and information obtained from the Web site, in accordance with the conditions of the 8 th point.

7. Indigital commitments and guarantees.

7.1 Provide a stable and smooth operation and administration of the site.
7.2 Published and not to provide any information about any person without his consent.
7.3 The author agreed to the desired data published on the job.
7.4 Prior to the publication of checking all the material sent to the authors.
7.5 Post meets the quality requirements of the substance.
7.6 Remove incompatible with the quality required or prohibited substance (listed in paragraphs 5.5.)
7.7 Reprorts for appropriate institutions if irregularities of point 5.5 points is high affected.

8. Guarantees restriction.

8.1 Indigital can not guarantee:
8.1.1 that the material posted on the web site, will not be infected by viruses and will not be damaged or lost in here nenusakytų circumstances,
8.1.2 the Web services will not be disturbed or interrupted on here nenusakytų the circumstances and causes, and that Indigital repair or restore disruption in services, or damaged or lost materials to full service operation or the full substance of reconstruction, what was the damage, disruption, destruction or loss .
8.2 Indigital can not ensure that the material posted on the web site can damage the user's software or hardware for the reasons mentioned here.
8.3 Indigital no case does not accept any responsibility for damaged consumer software or hardware repair, renovation or restoration costs.
8.4 Indigital not liable for the copyright of the software and hardware for legality.
8.5 Indigital reserves the right to change or add to these conditions without any prior warning.
8.6 Indigital reserves the right to terminate the site without any prior warning.

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